ANSYS Icechip (PTD)

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ANSYS Icechip  (разработчик: ANSYS) — brings powerful and easy-to-use thermal analysis to Cadence APD and Sigrity UPD (previously Synopsys Encore). Make thermal analysis a seamless part of the design process.

Simulate all common packaging types -- leaded, leadless, BGA, Multi-chip packages, stacked die, system-in-package and multi-chip packages including traces, vias and wire bonds

Easy and intuitive user interface brings thermal analysis to designers without the need for a specialized background in heat transfer.

Perform trade studies to optimize the thermal design

The direct ECAD interface imports every die (even stacked die), trace, via, solderballs, encapsulant and bond wires.

Import complex geometry like lead frames or heat spreaders from MCAD tools.

Define non uniform power at the die level to predict hot spots.

Export the model to ANSYS for stress analysis

Put the component on a standard JEDEC board and simulate JEDEC thermal tests.

Fast solve time, typically minute