Bentley Location Data Manager (LDM)

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Location Data Manager (син. LDM, Bentley LDM)  (разработчик: Bentley Systems) — The physical location of an asset can be specified using a variety of different location referencing methods (LRMs). Bentley Location Data Manager (LDM) manages the information needed to translate these location descriptions from one format to another and performs location translations. It allows each user to work with the LRM of their choice while dynamically accessing location data stored using a variety of methods.

LDM supports both linear (one-dimensional) referencing methods, such as milepoint, reference marker and percentage, as well as spatial (two dimensional) referencing methods, such as (x,y) coordinate or latitude/longitude. The data managed by LDM includes features that represent the roadway system plus the additional information needed by each LRM. The software can function directly between two LRMs or indirectly through a linear datum, as advocated by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP 20-27).