Bentley Location Data Manager Express (LDMx)

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LDMx, Bentley LDMx  (разработчик: Bentley Systems) — Bentley Location Data Manager Express (formerly TransDecisions LRSx) is a cost-effective software solution that enables transportation organizations to store, reference, manage and analyze location data stored in an Oracle® database. LDMx handles the unique requirements of users working with data developed by a variety of linear referencing systems (LRS).The software seamlessly integrates with Oracle databases to directly process spatial and aspatial data. This affords efficient data retrieval, organization and query.

In addition, Bentley LDMx includes the ability to validate a linear network and resolve pathologies that would prohibit its use as a basis for linear referencing. Integration with industry-standard geographic information system (GIS) software enables you to greatly enhance transportation functions without requiring costly upgrades to transportation-specific versions of these GIS applications.

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