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Bentley Water  (разработчик: Bentley Systems) — is a comprehensive geospatial engineering solution for municipal water networks design and management.

A simple, yet comprehensive connectivity model consisting of valves, pipes, structures, water records and connections form the basis of the Bentley Water intelligent network model. Accurate placement and smart editing commands automatically maintain network connectivity while creating intelligent facilities through a robust connectivity inference engine.

Bentley Water includes a complete GIS platform, Bentley Map. This enables users to take advantage of all its features, including spatial analysis, buffer zone generation, map management, thematic and overlay analysis features, business and topological rules enforcement, and many more. Support for Oracle Spatial in 2-tier and 3-tier environments provides flexibility for storing Bentley Water data in Oracle to OpenGIS standards.

Because Bentley Water transparently integrates with the industry-leading Haestad Methods hydraulic modeling and analysis software; WaterGEMS, WaterCAD, HAMMER, and even EPANET users can share network connectivity, maintenance records, and operational data to run hydraulic simulations of their potable water distribution systems.

Bentley Water is completely customizable, from dialogs to attributes through the XFM (XML Feature Modeling) environment. With XFM you can completely develop your network as it exists with the pipes, valves, connections, and structures actually used.

And when used in concert with Bentley Geo Web Publisher, Bentley Water users can publish their water network data through a web browser with customized levels of access to data. Maps, work prints, and other documentation can be printed, plotted, or published in a wide variety of formats including PDF, DGN and DWG among others.

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