Eldo Classic

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Eldo Classic  (разработчик: Mentor Graphics) — Get all the capability and accuracy of SPICE-level simulation from a native analog simulation engine yielding the highest accuracy for the verification of the most complex analog IP’s or SoC’s. Eldo Classic provides the most advanced simulation technology and provides extensive simulation capabilities. Its advanced analysis features include transient noise, DC mismatch, sensitivity, aging analysis, library encryption and licensing capabilities, optimization, distributed computing, multi-threading, RC reduction, pole-zero, enhanced Monte-Carlo analysis, S-parameters, S-domain and Z-domain generalized transfer functions.

Eldo Classic’s extensive device model libraries include all the latest transistor models such as BSIM, PSP or HiSIM. It is the simulator of choice for CPU-intensive applications such as digital cell characterization. Eldo Classic’s capabilities can be further extended with VerilogA analog behavioral modeling, advanced RF analysis with Eldo RF, or mixed signal with Questa ADMS RF. Eldo Classic’s and its options are completely integrated into the Analog Design Environment from Cadence and in Mentor Graphics IC Flow.