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FE-107  (разработчик: Paulin (PRG)) — Has your finite element analysis (FEA) software been validated against real-world pressure vessel problems? FE-107 and other PRG software are continuously validated against actual problems faced by practicing engineers. Follow this link for to learn more about an experimental validation of the FE-107 solutions and see how WRC 107 fails to predict accurate stresses in a real world application.

FE-107’s input is specifically designed to make the design and analysis of typical pressure vessel and piping (PVP) geometries with nozzle very easy. Unlike general FEA programs that require the user to create models from scratch, FE-107 creates the model for you using input that is familiar to all PVP engineers. In this case, the geometry can be defined using just 11 input fields as shown below. The required input accompanied by a drawing for each type of model available in FE-107. This makes it very easy to understand the input.

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