IPC-SM Library

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IPC-SM Library  (разработчик: Number One Systems) — библиотека стандартных электронных устройств, в основном для продукта Easy-PC.

The PCB symbol library contains approximately 1,237 surface mount devices in a range of package types. These include chip capacitors, flat packs and chip carriers, in a range of sizes and pin counts, as defined in the standard. The component library contains the same number of items as the PCB symbol library, with a one-to-one correspondence in naming. The items in this library can be used "as is" when creating PCB layouts 'directly' by adding 'generic' components. They can also be copied to new components and edited using the Library tools in Easy-PC to quickly and easily create your own 'specific' components for particular devices.

Upgrades are available if you have the older IPC-782 library.