Kubotek ECO Manager

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Kubotek ECO Manager  (разработчик: Kubotek) — ECO Manager provides a robust graphical interface to identify, organize and communicate the impact of an engineering change.

Change management is an important process because it can deliver vast benefits by increasing quality and reducing costs, but also may create enormous problems by disrupting internal processes. Due to the increase in global competition, the process for managing engineering changes effectively has become imperative to maintaining profitability and market share. Industry standard change management processes used today are cumbersome and burdened with quality risks and high costs due to their manual nature.

ECO Manager is an easy to use toolset specifically designed to manage the engineering change process. The product will quickly and accurately identify any revisions between the file sets of two components or assemblies. ECO Manager then automatically creates a graphical change report, in electronic or paper format, to share with anyone and everyone involved in the design-to-manufacture supply chain. ECO Manager provides a streamlined, electronic process to reduce risks and increase profitability.