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KeyCreator Analysis  (разработчик: Kubotek) — eyCreator Analysis with Sefea technology allows designers with limited FEA (finite element analysis) knowledge to produce fast and accurate simulation results. And Simulation Analysts can produce sophisticated multi-physics analysis with speed and precision.

Automeshing technology shaves hours off of the simulation set-up time. The breakthrough Sefea (SeFEEah) technology produces accurate results using a less dense mesh. This speeds processing time while using less memory resources, allowing simulation on large and complex models that otherwise could not be calculated on an engineering workstation or laptop computer. Sefea's advanced algorithms give the designer or analyst superior simulation speed and accuracy.

KeyCreator Analysis is the first and only integrated CAD/Analysis solution that provides this combination of auto-meshing, processing speed and accuracy. This allows those who are not Simulation/Analyst experts to get great results to improve the quality a design early in the process. Using KeyCreator Analysis in the initial design phase will save design cycle time and reduce prototype costs.