LMS Imagine.Lab Powertrain Transmission

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LMS Imagine.Lab Powertrain Transmission (син. Powertrain Transmission)  (разработчик: Dassault Systemes, LMS International) — provides a generic platform for analyzing and designing optimal transmission systems. LMS Imagine.Lab Powertrain Transmission gives access to driveline, engine and transmission models and components, and focuses on comfort, performance, losses and NVH (Noise-Vibration-Harshness) issues. These solutions help users to study the global behavior of the entire powertrain architecture, from low to high frequencies (> 40 Hz).

LMS Imagine.Lab Powertrain Transmission facilitates the development of new concepts and solves powertrain transmission challenges such as high shift quality and low noise level of drivelines. It gives access to robust and effective modeling of non-linear phenomena as one may find in dry or wet clutches and also in dampers, dual mass flywheel, mass balancer, universal joints and gears backlash. The development time of powertrain systems can be significantly reduced from months to weeks, and the maintainability of models is greatly facilitated, thus increasing life-length while reducing costs of systems development. The constant evolution of application libraries ensures applicable models in an ever-changing industrial world.