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My Home Designer  (разработчик: YuanFang Software) — My Home Designer (MHD6.0) enables everybody to do 3D home design and decoration. With MHD, you can build your own 3D house, install doors and windows, layout furniture, try different color schemes, and save your work to share ideas with friends. What you can do with MHD? Everyone can use MHD to visualize his house design work in 3D. For end customer, use MHD to find the most suitable furniture for their house. For manufacturers and retailer, MHD can help them display products with a brand new media. For online furniture store, MHD is a digital showroom. For real estate company, clients can view their properties in MHD at anywhere connected with internet.You don’t need to be a designer or computer professional, the following flash will show you how easy to DIY your dream house, it’s all about clicking mouse.



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