Noise and Vibration

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Noise and Vibration (син. N&V, NVH)  (разработчик: MSC.Software) — Structural vibration can be a source for many product related problems; it can cause fatigue and durability problems as well as adverse reactions to the user or bystanders in the form of undesirable vibrations that can be felt or heard. As well, undesired structural vibrations can prevent products from operating as required and potentially becoming a safety concern.

NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) or N&V (Noise and Vibration), this problem is one of the most often directly perceived quality traits of a product, and is therefore one of the most sought after targets for performance by the product development team to help differentiate themselves from competition.

With leading FEA and MBD (multi body dynamics) capabilities from MSC, users can simulate and predict how a component or system will vibrate under varying operating conditions; for example how a driver or passenger of a car driving down the road can perceive the engine sound at cruising speed or under acceleration and at the same time perceive the feel and the noise generated as the car runs over a pot hole.