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ProjectWise StartPoint  (разработчик: Bentley Systems) — ProjectWise StartPoint extends SharePoint technologies by:

  • Providing direct access to SharePoint platform collaboration tools from within MicroStation, MicroStation PowerDraft, and AutoCAD
  • Managing relationships for MicroStation Reference Files and AutoCAD X-Refs
  • Supporting MicroStation V8 XM Edition Link Sets between CAD and Office files
  • Saving PDF and other plot files from MicroStation directly into SharePoint technologies
  • Assigning MicroStation workspace profiles to individual DGN files for standards compliance

ProjectWise StartPoint is included in MicroStation V8 XM Edition, so deployment for these users is a simple matter of installing that new product. AutoCAD users deploy by installing a no-charge downloadable plug-in. Both require the purchase of a ProjectWise Named User License.

Test-drives of ProjectWise StartPoint will be available at the upcoming BE Conference 2006 in Charlotte, N.C., May 21-25. The product is scheduled for release in June 2006. For further information, please visit Projectwise Startpoint product page.


  • 1-я версия вышла в 2006 году