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ReMesh  (разработчик: EMCoS) — is the CAD program, which provides powerful tools for geometry creating, checking and editing. Program has tools to remesh discretely or semi-analytically specified geometry in 3D and has convenient interface for editing geometry manually. Problems with remeshing of such geometries arise in EMC simulations. The EMC simulation result of a complete vehicle structure depends both on the used method/tool and data model, which must be usually pre-processed in a certain manner. Vehicle structure data are provided either in IGES or other solid data format, which is used for CAD and therefore not meshed. An alternative is the use of meshed vehicle structures written in NASTRAN format, which were already pre-processed for crash simulation for example. The main disadvantage of these data models is the complexity. With solutions down to 1 mm, which are far away from the needed resolution for frequencies up to 1 GHz. Such model occupies an unnecessary amount of memory and computing time.

ReMesh can produce mesh from the input geometrical data (IGES) or adapt meshed vehicle structure data (NASTRAN or STL format) in such a way, that unwanted details are smoothed and the type of solids is changed with regard the MoM and upper frequency limit. Software is based on robust algorithms and has convenient flexible interface. ReMesh has effective 3D geometry manipulator/viewer based on OpenGL library. Geometry checking functions are included in ReMesh, which enables user to find out geometry defects rapidly.