Sigmund ABA Stand Alone

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Sigmund ABA Stand Alone  (разработчик: Varatech) — allows engineers to build a large number of virtual assemblies for evaluation with respect to predefined build objectives. It emulates manufacturing process variation following the ASME Y14.5M-1994 and 2009 GD&T standards as well as assembly process variations such as clamping sequence, part orientation, and gravity effects. Sigmund ABA's three-dimensional, parametric, real-time geometry representation and animation capabilities can accelerate an engineer's understanding of the combined effects of component tolerances and assembly variation on a final assembly's quality.

Sigmund ABA's powerful utilities greatly reduce modeling time and effort, and it's succinct reporting module provides all relevant information in a single-page, easy-to-interpret graphical format that realtes to the Enterprise. Some of the key benefits of Sigmund ABA are:

  • Easy to use menu-driven modeling capabilities reduce the user's need to perform advanced mathematics or programming.
  • Optimizes design and assembly process, adds precision where needed, and eliminates overly costly designs.
  • Improve Quality and Reduce huge scrap, rework, retooling, recalls and warranty costs before they are incurred – High Return On Investment from use on just one program.

Development of a Sigmund Assembly Build Analysis model follows an intuitive, step-by-step methodology that includes Component Geometry Creation, GD&T or Tolerance Emulation & Optimization.